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Kolatselän Liisa (Selah)

We are so thrilled to be adding Selah (officially Kolatselän Liisa) to our breeding program. Selah is a purebred, Karelian Bear Dog imported from Finland. She is also a natural bob-tail, which is indicative of old, solid hunting bloodlines and is within the breed standards. Selah comes from the Kolatselän Kennel in Kontiolahti, Finland and both of her parents are proven bear dogs on brown bears. We have the utmost confidence in her, and we are excited to see all that she will become!



Selah will spend her spring and summers in Colorado with Dallin and Jessie where she will participate in the bear and cougar depredation seasons. She will return to Tennessee for the Fall and Winter bear and bobcat seasons.  Selah whelped her first litter of 10 pups in the Winter of 2023. She was bred with Kestää. We are incredibly grateful to have Dallin and Jessie as a part of our Snowy Mountain family, and we are a better kennel because of them. 



Selah had a slow start to her first bear season at a year old. She didn't show the range and aggression we were expecting. Since being in TN in the fall, both her range and confidence have increased and we believe she is a later starting dog than our Snowy Mountain Pups. With every venture into the woods, her range creeps farther and farther and we are confident that the legacy of her bloodlines is beginning to show. Selah's health scores have been phenomenal so far and we believe she simply needs time to prove herself as she approaches her second birthday this summer. 


Click here to view Selah's pedigree.

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