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Band of Brothers

Spring of 2020


May 10, 2020

Five Males

Our first litter was one to be remembered - five strong and healthy boys. Suka did an incredible job whelping, raising, and weaning this rambunctious band. We were very happy and pleased to know all five will be working and hunting companions to their respective families for the rest of their lives. These five helped us realize the value of placing our dogs with families who will use them for the purposes of their breed: hunting, working, protection, and rigorous outdoor life.

Karelians are a unique breed in their drive, intelligence, and ability to switch between sight and ground tracking. These brothers performed exceptionally well on their personality, bear, and scent tests. We cannot wait to see what they all develop into and the contributions they make to the breed. 

The Boys




Snowy Mountain Sisu (formerly Turkey) was the firstborn of the litter. However, he was in turn the smallest of his brothers. The old saying rings true -

"Its not about the size of the dog in the fight, but about the size of the fight in the dog"

Sisu was relentless in holding his own against his brothers' attacks. We believe that is why he developed into the confident, forceful dog he is today.

Sisu lives with Derek and Margot in New England and will be the founding dog for Derek and Margot's 'Bear Conflict Management Program' to reduce  human-bear incidents.



Snowy Mountain Cowboy is a cowboy by all means. Though cautious and watchful at first, Cowboy's wild and rambunctious personality was very evident as a pup. 

He went to one of the remaining true and few western Cowboys that are renown in the West. Mr. James took Cowboy home to Wyoming where he'll join Mr. James's 30 year legacy of raising and breeding black mouth curs for big game hunting. He'll join two of Mr. James curs in hunting coyotes and cougars throughout the Wyoming frontier - where a Cowboy should be.

Sako Bear.JPG



Snowy Mountain Sako (formerly Bandana) was our most people-focused puppy of this litter, which is why he was such a perfect placement for his family with two small children. However, his love and attention for people is very well balanced with his strong hunting drive.

Sako went to Mitch and Amanda in British Colombia where he's started to hunt bear and lynx. He will give his family the ability to selectively harvest the most appropriate game, helping to provide fur, meat, and protection for his family in the British Colombia bush. Sako carriers the Snowy Mountain blood with pride.



Kestää was the last of the puppies to be born. Thus, he was given his Finnish name "Kestää" which means 'last' or 'enduring'. The effect Kestää is going to have on Snowy Mountain lines is enduring indeed.

Kestää is with Dallin and Jesse in Colorado. Dallin is a USDA Agent and focuses on wildlife depredation and managing the many predators that inhabit the Rocky Mountain Front. Kestää made it truck to tree on multiple bobcats and lions at 6-8 months of age, has had exposure to coyote management, and will begin hunting bears with Dallin in the summer of 2020.

Kestaa Profile.jpg
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