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Arrow (Scout)

We are so thrilled to be adding Scout (officially Arrow) to our breeding program. Scout is our 2-year-old male Finnish import. Scout comes from a newer breeder in Finland who have a long history of using Karelians for big game hunting.  Scout has some dynamic bear hunting Karelians in his lines and both of his parents are proven big game dogs. Scout was bear tested before we purchased him and performed tremendously well as a 6 month old puppy.  We have the utmost confidence in him and are excited to see all he will become!



Scout is currently living in New Mexico with Hunter and Natalie, two of our breeding partners. They will use Scout to hunt black bear, mountain lion, and bobcat. throughout the West.  Scout will also spend part of the bear season with Dallin in Colorado to further test and hone his hunting attributes. .We are thrilled to have Hunter and Natalie and their boys as a part of our Snowy Mountain family, and we, as a kennel, are more capable of producing higher-quality dogs because of them. 



Scout has been DNA tested and is completely clear of all known genetic disorders and has had his hips tested and scored .47 on PennHip, or B/B by Finnish Standards. We need to complete Scout's CERF eye exam which will fulfill all our required health tests. As long as Scout demonstrates acceptable hunting drive and characteristics, we plan to breed him to Snowy Mountain Sonnet in 2024..


Click here to view Scout's pedigree.


Scout treed his first bobcat dry-ground at 18 months of age

Scout treed/bayed his first bears solo at 17 months

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