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Karelian Bear Dogs


The Komi dog, also called the dog of Zyrians, is considered to be the origin of the breed. However, the basic stock dogs originated from the Lagoda’s Karelia, Olonets and Russian Karelia, where they were used for all different types of game hunting. The breeding was started in 1936 with the goal to create a sturdy dog that barks at big game. Then it was agreed that the name of the breed is Karelian Bear Dog. The first standard was established in 1945. The first dogs were registered in 1946. Today the breed is common in Finland

The Karelian Bear Dog was used mainly for hunting small fur-bearing animals, such as squirrels and marten. The Karelian Bear Dog is also used in hunting moose, lynx, wolf and, as its name would suggest, hunting the bear. In hunting bear, at least a pair of Bear Dogs would be used to harry the animal, barking loudly, in order to distract the bear while the human hunter came in for the kill.

Karelian Bear Dogs were originally bred for primarily one purpose - to hunt. However, they are versatile and able to perform a variety of tasks: to pull, protect, and kill small varmints and rodents in the homestead. A Karelian can pull like many other sled dog related breeds and they love the work and the exercise. KBDs are very territorial and will bark and fiercely protect the territory they know to be their own. They hunt, both large and small; hunting is where they come into their true form and instinct. 

KBD'S are not for every family. They are only for select, active, and energetic owners. They are highly driven, strong willed, and incredibly loyal. Their drive to hunt is primitive and ever-present. They require daily exercise and fair and disciplined handling. They are hunting dogs and that is the purpose for which we breed at Snowy Mountain Bear Dogs. 

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