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Kestää is our first generation of Karelian Bear Dogs at Snowy Mountain Bear Dogs. His Dam is Snowy Mountain Suka and his Sire is Koba Wacipi Hoskila of KBD Bear Dancers. 

He is from our Band of Brothers litter and will be a part of the next saga of our breeding lines. All of Kestää's health testing will be completed by 24 months of age and he will be available for stud services upon completion. 

He lives with Dallin and Jessie in Colorado. He'll be working with Dallin for the USDA managing livestock depredation by hunting all predators in the Rocky Mountains, year-round.


He has completed two bear seasons with Dallin and has been on over 100 bears. He made his first lion race, truck to tree, at 7 months. He has the cat and bear season of 2023 ahead of him and will sire his first litter in the fall of 2023. 

Kestää's CERF eye exam was clear of any abnormalities. Kestää carries one copy of the PRCD-A gene. His hips and his semen will be tested within the next few months before breeding this fall.

We're excited to see Kestää continue to develop and hone into his full potential as a hunting and working Karelian and the contribution he will make to Snowy Mountain hunting lines. 

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