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Snowy Mountain Bear Dogs

Karelian Bear Dog Breeder

Humans. Dogs. Traditions.


How We Got Here

Snowy Mountain Bear Dogs is a Karelian Bear Dog Breeder located in Nashville, TN providing North America with quality, driven hunting and working dogs for bear, mountain lion, and other big game found on the continent.

Excellence is the standard in our lines as Karelian Bear Dog (KBD) breeders. Working ability, health, pedigree, and the breed standards are the four cornerstones of our breeding program. We desire to create a hunting and working line of Karelian Bear Dogs on the North American continent that surpasses any lines thus far.

We wish to blend the old with the new. Old traditions, with new hunting traditions and the conservation efforts of today. A proud, ancient breed of dog with the new lines of today. Understanding the founding hunters of the KBD's lifestyle, their intentions for the breed, and striving to maintain those characteristics in our dogs.


Most importantly, we wish to honor the relationship between dog and man - one of the oldest and most treasured relationships man has had with animals. A relationship that traces back to the beginning chronicles of the history of man. 

We welcome you to our page and we welcome you to join us on our journey of our Snowy Mountain Bear Dog Kennel and the dogs, humans, and traditions we will have along the way. Click here for more info about our upcoming litter. 


Our Purpose
The Dogs' Purpose

Snowy Mountain Bear Dogs

We are very intentional in our approach to finding the right homes for our Karelian puppies. We understand future owners will hopefully have a Snowy Mountain Bear Dog for a decade. Thus, our process for placement is very regimented and focused. We place a tremendous emphasis on genetic and health testing to ensure our puppies will be the healthiest in every aspect.  


Our meticulous methods provide the best possible outcome for dog and man alike. We breed hunting and working dogs for hunting and working handlers and families. Though our Karelians will make exceptional companions, unlike many other kennels in North America, a companion dog is not the purpose of our breeding lines. To learn more about how we raise, develop, test, and place our puppies, watch the video below. Click Here for our Puppy Application.

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